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What happens when your beloved Sprinter’s engine dies? You call us of course! Our facility stocks both remanufactured, and used, low mileage Sprinter engines. We stock engines for all generations of the Sprinter, as well as all variations of the engines. We know everything there is to know about Sprinters, contact us if you have any questions or concerns. One of our knowledgeable team members is ready to address any questions or concerns.

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Our Remanufacturing Process Gets Your Sprinter Back On the Road with a Quality Engine at Unbeatable Prices!!



This is where we turn old into new again, using the latest technology, cutting-edge machinery and 30+ years of engineering know-how. During this process, technicians take into account every available update and improvement to ensure our product functions better than new. Therefore this is one of the most important steps to the Sprinter Engines remanufacturing process.

100% Cylinder Head Reconditioning

All valve guides are reconditioned to meet or exceed tolerances. Then cylinder head valve seats are 3-angle machined for the greatest sealing and flow. Also, high-temp valve stem seals are used to provide superior sealing and oil control. Valve stem heights and lash are measured to specification to ensure best engine performance. And, as an added benefit, we even test the spring pressure on all valve springs.

100% Crankshafts Reground

All crankshafts are reground and polished to meet or exceed OE tolerances for clearance. Crankshafts are demagnetized to ensure equalized compression of cylinders for equalized power. Also, crankshafts are ground on index, providing balanced running mates and a smooth running

100% Align Honed

Block castings are align honed. This provides the best surface finish for optimum bearing life, heat transfer, oil clearance and alignment of the rotating assembly.

100% Cylinder Reconditioning

The cylinders are plateau diamond honed to achieve the proper cylinder size and surface finish. This assures the best compression and oil control.

100% Deck Surfaces Resurfaced

Engine blocks and cylinder heads are resurfaced to allow the strongest possible head gasket seal.

Second Clean & Check

After the precision machining process, the parts get one more cleansing wash before assembly. Therefore our technicians Re-Clean & Re-Check (measure/mic) each component or part that comes back from the machine shop. This step ensures the component or part is ready for assembly.


Next, engines are assembled according to Sprinter Depo’s quality-management system’s documented work instructions. To make sure customers only get the highest quality, we only use NEW OEM INTERNAL PARTS!!

Final Test

Finally, each engine is tested to all critical guidelines. Testing includes : correct timing, compression, oil pressure, oil flow, knocking or unusual noises, AND leaks. Finally, we pressurize the finished assembly to verify the water jacket integrity.

Technicians mic, measure, and weigh the rods and pistons. This ensures the correct balance and weight for the engine.

Also, after assembly, engines are tested for compression, quality, AND leak tested overnight.


We ship our engines in durable, returnable, high-impact crates, EXPRESS to our customers. These crates eliminate shipping damage and make core returns a breeze. Also, these crates provide a safe and easy way to return the core without any hiccups. We do make our crates here at our location. The crates provide our customers with easy access to their engine once the truck arrives! Finally, once customers complete the removal of their old engine, they can place the old engine back in the crate. Then give Sprinter Depo a call! Sprinter Depo will have your core picked up.

So now you know the Remanufacturing Process for each remanufactured engine we do. We remanufacture sprinter engines every day. So customers rest assured knowing their engine needs are more than taken care of.
So Get Back on the Road Faster with Sprinter Depo!

Here at Sprinter Depo, We Remanufacture Dodge, Freightliner, & Mercedes Sprinter Engines, Each & Every Day!!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Our Mercedes Benz, Dodge, & Freightliner Sprinter Engines

When comparing different types of engines for performance, fuel economy, and more, diesel engines always override all other engines. Earlier, this was not true because of drawbacks in diesel engines, such as loud noise, smoke etc. So over time, these drawbacks have overcome to provide a compatible alternative for gasoline and other engines. So needless to say, when looking for a replacement sprinter engine, Sprinterdepo.com is your Sprinter Engine Resource for Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, and Freightliner.

Just a Few Prominent Benefits of Our Sprinter Engines

Durable – Diesel engines have longer life than all other gasoline or petrol engines. Therefore, these engines have almost doubled the life than other engines.

Powerful – Diesel engines produce more torque that any other fuel engines. Hence, the wide variety of powerful engines suitable for small cars, trucks, heavy duty vehicles, etc.

Fuel economy – Diesel is thicker than any other fuel, so it produces more energy in a lesser quantity. Thus, you have long-term benefits of its fuel economy.

Compatibility and availability – Here at Sprinterdepo.com, we build engines EVERY day, so rest assured, we have you covered! Given the correct year of the Sprinter, customers get the right engine for their Mercedes Benz, Dodge, or Freightliner Sprinter.

Mercedes-Benz has been one of the oldest luxury automobile manufacturers in the world. Part of the “German Big 3” along with BMW and Audi, Mercedes is known for introducing many technologies and safety innovations to their cars. These innovations and technologies were common with other vehicles later on, as well.

Although Mercedes happens to be one of the most innovate auto makers in the world, there is still no such thing as an engine or transmission that never breaks down. Since even Mercedes-Benz can be vulnerable through an unfortunate situation like a broken down engine, customers need an affordable option to get back on the road. And Sprinterdepo.com is a great alternative to saving money buying a Mercedes engine at a fraction of the cost from a dealership.

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